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Showcase Information

The CSC191 Senior Project Showcase is scheduled at 12pm- 2pm, Friday, May 8, 2020. All 21 teams will be hosting their individual showcase via Zoom.

Please vote for the best project by taking this survey. Thank you very much!


Academic Auditor

Team: Duck Duck Code

A full-stack solution for the Department of Computer Science at CSUS for assessing and auditing student performance in upper division computer science courses.

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Workflow Assistant

Team: Alaskan Bullworms

Using exported excel files for enrollment, class roster, and orientation records from CMS, identify and organize information to assist administrative support personnel with a few tedious tasks.

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Computer Booter Inventory

Team: Billy Team

The Computer Booter Inventory Plugin is optimized to manage an inventory that is imported from a file to sort, search, and/or filter products and display them in a table.

Project Website

Project Blackjack

Team: Binary Beasts

A website to join fun casino-themed games, compete with friends, and view your statistics.

Project Website

PartRover Whisperer

Team: Kuma Robotics

A standalone application capable of voice activated part search which returns relevant information.

Project Website

Red Carpet Liquor & Lotto

Team: Error 404

This project features the store in a digital format to broaden its presence to its customers and community.

Project Website

Khan Rubix: A Private Key Encryption Program

Team: Queue Underflow

A secure private key encryption program that can be distributed via flash drive or email.

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Buddhist Church of Florin Remastered

Team: Scrum Masters

We built a new website and content management system from the ground up using the MERN stack for the Buddhist Church of Florin.

Project Website

Kiss Light

Team: The Mad Engineers

A simple RF controller controlled by your phone

Project Website


Team: Sem;colon

Schedule your time with us!

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Emergency Notes

Team: Steakholders

Web-based application to store and share notes with your fellow students organized by professor, course and school name

Project Website

Organic Transformations

Team: Java the Hutt

The Organic Transformations website provides the user with a guided experience on how to achieve their nutrition and fitness goals while maintaining optimal health.

Project Website

Secure Assess

Team: Tech Based Anomaly

Stay secure by staying informed.

Project Website

Savis 2.0

Team: Waterfall

Statistical analysis tool with visualization for means, proportions, and confidence intervals.

Project Website

The Smart Adviser

Team: Sea Cucumbers

The new smart planner for your CSC degree!

Project Website

Arsh Trucking Website

Team: Dream Team

A website that keeps track of up-to-date shipment information for both CEOs and trucking employees.

Project Website

Fire Dynamics Simulator Online

Team: Scrumbled Eggs

Web application for FRA clients to compare fire sprinkler spray patterns and flux in order to create flexible but safe fire protection solutions.

Project Website

Traffic Sim

Team: //TODO

A VR Driving simulator which logs user behavior under various road conditions and with various hazards present, to aide in improving driving conditions for the general public

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KSSU Student Radio Statio

Team: Lemon8

This is a student run radio station located on Sac State Campus created to improve student involvement byhosting innovative and engaging events across campus.

Project Website


Team: Abstract Pizza

A web application based solution to be used by Creative Nature Playschool.

Project Website

Farrier Sync

Team: Horsin' Around

A web application to provide a guild of farriers known as The Farrier Center with the ability to generate digital reports and give them tools to aid in the scheduling of work to be done on horses.

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