Free ECS Tutoring Services

ECS Tutoring Schedule

All ECS tutors have earned upper division status in ECS with demonstrated academic achievement. Tutors are prepared to assist you in the coursework for all ECS majors, and they are anxious to help you reach your academic goals.

In addition to ECS tutoring services, the following departments offer tutoring assistance:

Chemistry Department Help Office

Sequoia Building, Room 502

For hours, visit, go to "Student Resources", click "Help Office Schedule"

Math Help Lab

Brighton Hall, Room 118

For hours, visit, go to "students", click "Math Laboratory"

Physics Tutoring Center

Sequoia Hall, Room 124

For hours, visit, click "Tutoring", then "Tutoring Center", then "Tutoring Center Schedule"

University Writing Center

Calaveras Hall, Room 128

Online Tutoring (by appointment)

For hours, visit, scroll down to find the tutoring schedule