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ECS Energy Efficient Vehicle Club develops vehicle for Shell Eco-marathon Americas Competition

ABC10 reports on students from the Energy Efficient Vehicle Club as they develop a car for the Shell Eco-marathon Americas Competition at Sonoma Raceway.

Learn more about the EEV club here:

For more information about the upcoming Eco-Marathon Americas Competition, click here:

ECS Student Organization Leadership Conference

Current and future student club leaders are participating in the annual ECS Student Organization Leadership Conference on Saturday, April 27th, 2019.

The conference includes seminars to enhance their leadership skills and presentations by ECS alumni who were not only leaders in college, but have made significant contributions since graduation.

Most importantly, clubs will have an opportunity to pitch a plan to further their clubs, e.g., continuity planning, community engagement, K-12 STEM outreach, faculty involvement, and improved competition performance.  Clubs will have an opportunity to be awarded up to $1,000 in support of their plan from the Dean’s Office for 2019-20.

ECS Senior Design Showcase

Senior Design Showcase Schedule

On Friday, May 10th, 2019, the College of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) will be hosting its Spring 2019 Senior Design Showcase. Graduating seniors in Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering will present the highlights of their senior design projects.

All students work collaboratively in small groups. Some student groups have worked collaboratively with individuals, private companies, or public agencies as clients, while other student groups have developed and designed their own innovative projects. At the Senior Design Showcase, some groups will be giving project presentations, while some groups will be demonstrating products that they have designed and manufactured.

This day-long event is free and open to the public. The full Senior Design Showcase schedule with project descriptions as well as exact times and locations is available here:

Senior Design Showcase Schedule

As part of the showcase, there will also be an Order of the Engineer Ring Induction Ceremony at noon in the Union. Order of the Engineer Information.

Please contact the ECS Dean’s Office at if you have any questions about this event.

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